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Apply (UX) Usability Engineering and 30 years of scientific usability testing, and you get documents that measurably: reduce comprehension errors · reduce performance errors and · increase safety.
Good writing wins writing awards. -->  Usability Mapping wins SAFETY AWARDS!

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User documents need to be more than technically accurate, regulatory compliant and approved by your legal department and management.

How often do you read all the fine print in a contract? And how often have you given up trying to follow instructions that just don’t make sense? Or placed yourself in danger because warnings were buried?

Unfortunately, we all know these situations only all too well. When we’re faced with a document that’s supposed to help us, we struggle to find the information we need. We misunderstand or misinterpret what’s there. And we either give up using the document—or we do the wrong stuff.

If it’s an insurance policy, you’re in for a nasty surprise at a time when you need it most. But if you’re working with something dangerous, your safety has been compromised.

30+ years of scientific research proves that we can make documents more usable—and safer.

We now know what it takes to make user documents more usable. We understand how usability helps us find, understand and act on information. And how that improves safety, productivity, throughput and reliability.

How can intelligent, motivated and highly trained professionals still make mistakes that can kill people? That’s the question that drove 30+ years of research into how we use documents to do our work, and how our abilities affect our understanding, especially under pressure. We learnt that users need something very different. What reads well doesn’t necessarily work well. That if we reduce comprehension errors  people will make fewer mistakes. And when we make fewer mistakes, there are fewer nasty surprises. And fewer accidents and injuries.

Above all, we learnt that the laws of nature will always trump opinions about what “good” documents should look like.

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Training and services to help you get there faster.

Today, we train people how to produce Usability Mapping-compliant documents and provide services to help organizations get there faster. Our training programs consistently rate as some of the best our participants have ever attended.

Our flagship Usability Mapping Foundation Course teaches the scientific principles underlying Usability Mapping and equip participants with the skills they need to create more usable, safer documents. Our Usability Mapping Masterclass takes your Foundation Course skills to, dare we say it, master level.

And our document services, with our team of highly trained and experienced Document Engineers, can help you process large volumes of documents and make sure critical documents are produced to the highest standards.

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Our 45-minute Usabilty is Safety webinar introduces you to the scientific principles of Usability Mapping, how usability makes your documents work—and how usability improves safety.
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