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The path to Usability Mapping mastery

All of our training starts with a free Usability Mapping Awareness Presentation. This will help you understand what Usability Mapping is about and make an informed decision about getting involved.

Our Usability Mapping Foundation Course teaches you the scientific principles powering Usability Mapping and how to apply that to enabling documentation. With the Foundation training under your belt, you will confidently create documents that are not only more usable—but safer as well.

The Usability Mapping Masterclass takes your Foundation course skills to the next level. Work in a small group on your own documents under the guidance of one of certified trainers—who are also experienced document engineers with industry experience. Step-by-step guidance will help you get things just right.

If you regularly have to engineer large, complex documents, our Mind Mapping and Storyboarding workshop teaches you the same techniques we use to engineer all of our documents. (And it’s a great way to brainstorm, organize ideas and make sense of chaos!)

Core Training Programs

Usability Mapping
Foundation Course

Learn the scientific principles of Usability Mapping and how to use them to create more usable – and safer – documentation. A 2-day in-person or 4 x half-day online course. Maximum 15 participants per course.
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Usability Mapping

Hands-on application of your Foundation Course skills. Work on your own documents in a small class led by one of our experienced trainers. Four days in person or online with up to 12 participants.
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Supporting Training Programs

Procedure Capture
for Operators

Operators learn how to capture procedure steps so document engineers can create more usable—and safer—procedures.
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Mind Mapping
& Storyboarding

The same methodology we use to engineer large, complex documents is ideal for brainstorming, gathering and organizing ideas.
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Conflict Management &
Negotiation Strategies

Learn to harvest opportunities from the five types of conflict, which is appropriate (it’s not always win-win), and how to manage and steer conflict to the outcome you want.
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Our core training programs are available in person (with appropriate social distancing) or online in a time zone near you.
Courses are available in English and German
Courses are available in English and German

For upcoming public training, check out our events page. If you need in-house training, please contact us.

Note: Attending an awareness presentation is a prerequisite for all other training. The Usability Mapping Foundation Course is a prerequisite for the Masterclass. We recommend at least the Foundation course before attending the Mind Mapping and Storyboarding workshop.

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