A plugin for Microsoft Word that makes creating Usability Mapping-compliant documents, well, almost magic.

Create Usability Mapping-compliant documents with ease

Margin titles, QA blocks and nested alerts (and numbering procedure steps and formatting tables and all that other stuff you need to format a document) used to be a pain.

We developed UMAP IT because we needed a tool to make our work for clients easier and faster. And our clients liked it so much they wanted it too.

Now UMAP IT is the tool that helps every Usability Mapping specialist create and maintain documents with ease. By taking all of that tedious formatting off your hands, you can focus on your expertise—making documents more usable, and safer.

How it works

UMAP IT is a plugin for Microsoft Word. When you install it, it adds a tab to the Word ribbon (you can see it right up there next to the Home tab).

From there, you click on the UMAP IT buttons to insert the building blocks you need. Each building block is pre-formatted exactly the way it needs to look so you can focus on making the document usable—and safe.

How it helps

UMAP IT makes adding building blocks, like a UX Foundation or a checklist, as easy as clicking a button. And that’s already a lot of help. But there’s more.

UMAP IT will also warn you when you do things that will compromise usability and safety. There’s a Usability Report to make sure your reading grade level stays sane. And a cleanup routine for messy documents.

Only for Usability Mapping specialists

UMAP IT is only available for graduates of the Usability Mapping Foundation Course or the Usability Mapping Masterclass.

Usability Mapping is not about making stuff look pretty. You need to understand—and be trained in—the science and principles of Usability Mapping before you can create documents that are more usable and safer to use.

Without the training, UMAP IT (just like any other tool) can make stuff look good—but those pretty looks won’t be usable or safer.

A single click on the UX Foundation button added all this content to the document.

Technical Requirements

UMAP IT is a plugin for Microsoft Word. It will run on any modern version of Word under Windows.

Now and then we find that your IT security prevents UMAP IT from being installed or run. In those cases we work with your IT team to set up the appropriate settings.

Sorry, UMAP IT does not run on Microsoft Word for macOS. You can run Parallels to create a Windows environment on your Mac —we do most of the UMAP IT development work this way.

Trial version

When you attend a Usability Mapping Foundation Course or Masterclass, you get a 90-day trial version of UMAP IT.  You will be using UMAP IT during the courses so you will get a good idea of how it works.

There are no limitations on the trial version. You can create as many documents as you like, and when the license expires we’ll ask if you want to make it part of your toolkit.

Note: trial licenses are not available for users with current, paid UMAP IT licenses.a

Subscription pricing

UMAP IT costs CAD $495 per user per year (that’s Canadian dollars).

There are discounts for bulk purchases (20 or more licenses) and special pricing for enterprise licenses.

How to get UMAP IT

UMAP IT is only available to graduates of the Usability Mapping Foundation Course or the Usability Mapping Masterclass. If you’ve attended one of these courses and you don’t have a license for UMAP IT now, or your license expired, please let us know!
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