Procedure Capture for Operators

Busy operators don’t have time to write documents.

Yes, these are real operators at a real plant while we were on site doing training.

(They barely had time to have this picture taken.) But we need their expertise to show other operators how to do the same work correctly—and safely.

In this 6-hour course, your operators will learn the very basics of Usability Mapping so they can capture their expertise without having to write documents. By the end of this course, your operators will be able to:

  • produce a procedure template for processing by a Usability Mapping specialist,
  • provide SME support for the Usability Mapping specialists as they develop the procedure, and
  • conduct a final SME review with the document engineer to approve the final version.

Capture the hands-on expertise only your experienced operators have. This is how everyone gets to do stuff the right way, safely. So everyone can go home at the end of the day.

What they will learn

Why Usability Mapping?

What Usability Mapping is and why your company wants you to learn this. How this has a direct impact on operational safety.

Step granularity and roles

What must be in a step, and what must never be written in a step. How to handle multiple roles and hand-offs.

Procedure Foundations

How the Procedure Capture template works. How to write a measurable Purpose, Scope and User statement that can serve as the specification for the procedure.

Alerts and Graphics

How do we insert Notes, Cautions and Warnings? How to select graphics, what to illustrate and what not.

Segmenting a procedure

How should a procedure be segmented? What is the role of the margin title? How do I manage cognitive overload and how do I manage sub steps and multiple roles?

The workflow

What the document engineer will do for you, the SME. What they need from you. Work through the three-step document production workflow.

This course is delivered either as a 6-hour, in-person course (with appropriate social distancing measures) or 4 x 90-minute online sessions.

Templates and tools so they can get started right away

The Procedure Capture Checklist is one of the tools your operators will receive to make their job easier and faster. Checklists like these are customized for your industry or specific facility.

The course includes templates and checklists so your operators can get started capturing their expert knowledge right away.

Each operator gets his own personal copy of:

  • The Procedure Capture Checklist as a quick reference for what they need to do.
  • A Procedure Capture Template so they can just fill in the blanks.

Capturing their knowledge can be as easy as printing out a handful of the template pages, putting them on a clipboard and then walking through their facility or plant, writing down what they know needs to be done.

No writing or MS Word skills required.

(And we will even customize the templates for your industry and particular needs.)

The Procedure Capture for Operators course is available on request

Ask us about the Procedure Capture for Operators course

Training is done with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 participants. We will be happy to schedule the course to be run in person or online. For online courses, we recommend sessions on consecutive days at the same time each day.

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