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Document Engineering for User Documents

Create more usable and safer documents fast—and to the highest standards—with our team of highly trained and experienced Document Engineers.

Use our Document Engineering (traditionally called Technical Writing) services when you:

  • need to make sure critical documents are mapped to the highest standards, or
  • don’t have enough Usability Mapping-trained resources in-house.

Document engineering services are priced based on the number of words in source documents, or on estimates for new work.

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Did you know?

We can do it faster

This is what we do every day, so we’re really good at it. And faster than anyone who doesn’t do this for a living. And because we don’t have to attend departmental meetings. Or fill in performance reviews. We’re laser-focused on just one thing – creating more usable and safer documentation.

It will cost less

Our document engineering methodology vastly reduces the time your team has to spend creating and reviewing documents. Fewer man-hours means lower costs spent on documentation – so your team can focus on their day jobs.

Ensure your documents meet the highest standards for usability and safety with a Usability Mapping Audit.

If you have critical documents that need to be up to the highest standards of usability and safety, our senior Document Engineers can help. We run a 47-point check on your document and provide recommendations for improvement. And if you want, we can make those improvements for you.

Document Audit services are priced by the hour, and we will give you an estimate before we start working. And needless to say, all your information is confidential.

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Document Audits

Content Management Strategies

Establish an enterprise-wide standard for document types so everyone is clear what information belongs where.

If you can’t envision usability, you can’t engineer it. Our Content Management Strategies consulting services will help you design a logical and universally understood information hierarchy. Everyone will understand what belongs in a policy, what goes into a standard, and the difference between a process and a procedure (and where everything else belongs).

Make it easier for everyone in your organization to find, understand and use information.

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