UMAP IT Release Notes

February 21, 2022

Minor tweaks and updates, most usefully to make sure the Use Cases in the Usability Specification always starts with the first use case at the top of the screen. (In the previous versions, it would automatically scroll down to the 5th use case, obscuring the first two).

September 17, 2021

New version numbering

We’ve changed the way we number UMAP IT versions. Going forward, we will use the format YY.MM where YY is the year and MM is the month of the release. If interim releases need to be made during the month, we will add a letter (a, b, c) to the version number. This numbering scheme makes it easier to see how “old” your version of UMAP IT is.


We’ve updated the UMAP IT Settings so you can specify your own styles for headings and body text.

To do this, open the Settings window and go to the Formatting tab. There, you can select the fonts and colours for headings and body text, specify the spacing above and below body text, and whether the header and footer should have borders below and above respectively.

  • These settings will affect the current document you’re working on, as well as any new documents created with UMAP IT.
  • To update older documents to your styles, run a Clean up (from the Advanced menu).
  • To reset the formatting to the UMAP IT defaults, open the Settings, navigate to the Formatting tab, and click on Reset all formatting to defaults.

Some additional (minor) updates

  • The Usability Specification sheet now accepts up to 5 use cases.
  • Printing the Usability Specification sheet will always print the first use case and only the other use cases that have been specified.
  • All forms will now appear centred in the main Word window (especially useful for multi-monitor setups).
August 25, 2021

Some minor cosmetic enhancements:

  • Renamed “Usability Control” to “Usability Spec” with corresponding changes in the Usability control sheet and German versions.

Bug fixes:

  • Further stability improvements making the install process more robust.
  • Fixed a bug when using UMAP IT on a German language machine with the UMAP IT UI language set to English.
August 20, 2021


  • Added “trigger, user, solution” to labels in the Use Cases tab of the Usability Control Sheet as a reminder of what each Use Case should contain.
  • Created a higher-resolution image of the document types on the first tab of the Usability Control Sheet. However, the image is still quite small (balancing form size with usability), so added a larger version of the image. Click on the image or the label above it to show the larger image.
  • Made the install procedure more robust. Some users were double-clicking the file to install it (instead of right-clicking and selecting “open”), so now double-clicking on the UMAP IT template will also ask if you want to install UMAP IT.

Bug fixes:

  • When working in a document with the page size set to A4, inserting a Procedure Continues directly after a Procedure Begins would result in an error. This has been fixed.
August 11, 2021


  • Added the Usability Control Sheet

Bug fixes:

  • General stability and bug fixes.
December 20, 2020

Bug fixes:

  • In some rare cases users would see a “myRibbon is NOTHING” debug message. This has been removed.
November 4, 2020


  • Updated the install procedure to give users the option to keep older versions of UMAP IT.
  • Added a Spelling language feature under the Advanced options so you can set your spelling language to non-US versions of English (and a couple of variations of German for our friends in Europe)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem where inserting a Step-Action table would incorrectly remove the header row.
  • Fixed a problem where settings would not be saved on machines with non-English versions of Windows
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