Usability Mapping Masterclass

Your documents. Our expert guidance.

In the Masterclass you work on your own documents—in a mix of individual working and group clinics—with personal attention from a Usability Mapping trainer.

Bring your own documents to the Masterclass so you can learn how to apply your Usability Mapping skills to real-world situations. In the class, you will:

  • create the UX personas and Use Cases that drive all good document engineering,
  • apply the document engineering methodology we use to engineer Usability Mapping-compliant documents,
  • learn advanced UMAP IT skills to make Usability Mapping even faster and easier,
  • get personal feedback from the trainer as you work on your own documents,
  • participate in group clinics to share learnings with other participants, and
  • learn how to engineer around difficult situations.

Classes are small—from 6 to 12 participants max so you can get the benefits of group learning while getting personal attention from the trainer.

How you will learn

Day 1

UMAP IT installation and setup. Setting up your MS Word environment. UX Personas and Use Cases using a common document. UX Personas and Use Cases for your own document. Individual guidance from your Usability Mapping trainer.

Day 2

Debrief from day 1. Usability Mapping methodology review and application. Individual working on your own documents with group clinics to share learnings. Engineering around difficult situations. Advanced MS Word and UMAP IT skills.

Day 3

Debrief from day 2. Individual working on your own documents with personal guidance from your trainer. Working with SME’s. Group clinics to share learnings. Working with difficult documents. Advanced MS Word and UMAP IT skills.

Day 4

Debrief from day 3. Document auditing. Getting buy-in from untrained personnel. Group clinics to share learnings. Methodology review and application. Individual working with personal guidance from your trainer.

Welcome to the Class!

The Usability Mapping Masterclass is available in person as well as online.

Stay safe with classrooms designed to the latest local regulations for social distancing. Work groups are small and class sizes are limited, so you get individual attention with the benefits of group learning. The in-person course runs for four full days.

Our online classrooms mimic as much of the real world as we can – including assigned “seating”, work groups and breakout rooms. The course runs over four 6-hour days (and we know about screen fatigue so there are lots of breaks to keep your—and our—energy up).

A virtual classroom from a recent masterclass with participants from Alaska. Click for a larger image.

Certification and Endorsements

The course is UX Certified for Industrial Safety by the User Experience Quality Certification Center.
The course is also endorsed by the Australian Institute of Health and Safety
At the completion of the course, we will be pleased to present you with a Certificate of Achievement.


You must have attended the Usability Mapping Foundation Course no more than 12 months before attending the Masterclass.

A familiarity with Microsoft Word will help.

If you’re attending an online course, you will need a relatively fast Internet connection – the classes use video conferencing like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

What should I bring?

You will need a Windows laptop with Microsoft Word installed. For online courses, we will let you know ahead of time which video conferencing we will use (usually Zoom).

You will also need one or two of your own documents you’re currently working on. These can be policies, standards, procedures or any other kind of enabling documentation.

As always, bring a love for life, a willingness to learn, and of course a big smile!

UMAP IT included

The Usability Mapping Masterclass includes  90-day trial version of UMAP IT, our plugin for Microsoft Word.

The plugin adds a ribbon to Word that contains all the building blocks you need to create Usability Mapping-compliant documents – and warns you when you do something that contravenes usability rules.

Attend a public course

If you attended a Usability Mapping Foundation Course in the last 12 months, you are eligible to attend a Masterclass. Classes sizes are limited so you get lots of personal attention. Our teaching methodology and practical exercises ensure you walk away with a skill you can apply immediately—not just knowledge.

Upcoming Courses

Request an in-house course

If you need a course for your employees, we will be happy to set one up for you. A minimum of 6 participants are required for an in-house course, with a maximum of 12. With only your employees in the class, confidentiality of information is assured.

Request an in-house course
PS: The Usability Mapping Masterclass is available in English and German. And we speak Aussie too!
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